The EU pledge for Climate Neutrality by 2050

Adapting to climate change is one way to deal with the symptoms of the problem, however it does not address the root cause of climate change, which we all know is greenhouse gas emissions. We first need to slow down the pace at which climate change is running it’s course in order for our adaptation efforts to yield results, as an ever warming climate is not conducive to make sustainable business plans around. Changing the way we live, changing the way societies operate, and changing economic incentives to reflect our increasing environmental concerns, has now become a top priority for the EU Green New Deal agenda. See an overview of the Race to Net Zero: Carbon Neutral Goals by Country by Visual Capitalist below: 

Climate change has direct impacts on the world’s economy and society today. So what can we do to help decouple economic growth from climate change? The new #Greensource hashtag is being championed on social media for the sustainable principles that it upholds. Decarbonising our environmental footprint doesn’t necessarily have to mean losing business, and with some creativity and innovation, it is possible to substitute traditional carbon based materials with sustainably sourced raw materials, leading to a more circular approach that benefits all parties. This can happen in all stages of the supply chain, from job creation through to R&D and transportation.

In the exhibitions industry, we are only just beginning to consider sustainability in the business model. Our aim at Standly is to make a difference in the exhibitions industry by promoting sustainable materials, recycling and eco-designs. We hope that you will join us on this journey!

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